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Not long ago I wrote this post about things to remember when outsourcing IT services that my partner and I have learnt while experimenting with outsourcing. We managed to have a micro-jobs site developed by a service provider based in India. The experiment continues and the next step is to launch. We need to put our project out there so that real people, not our mums or wives who usually love everything we do, can tell us whether our idea is good or not. What we developed is a micro-jobs site with a little twist.
We know there is lot of competition out there, but we are not afraid. Having said that, this could be an opportunity for those of you reading this post to help this brand new baby of ours with branding, marketing, SEO, content creation and other cool stuff like that. If you think you are fit for the job and you won't break the bank, do not hesitate to contact us. Read on to find out how to contact us.
Make money, have fun and get things done on Galilea3

So what is Galiea3 all about?

Well, Galilea3 is a multi-lingual site - 7 languages to be precise. The platform is in English, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. This means you can create or search for jobs posted in any of those languages. As far as I know, there is nothing like that anywhere online. So what does this mean to all you marketing and SEO guys out there? Lots of opportunities for you to help us go international by putting all your local SEO and marketing knowledge to the test. So I repeat. Get in touch with us if you think you have what it takes to put this micro-jobs platform on the international map.

Make money while helping us make the world flat 

We are living in times where the whole world is connected and we aim to use the opportunity to bring buyers and sellers of digital products and services together. We believe that the days when people had to worry about local unemployment rates are coming to an end. If you are a service provider based in India and providing services to a company based in Poland (that's in Europe, for those of you wondering where the hell is Poland) you should be worried about unemployment rates in Poland, right? Makes sense to me. That's how we at Galilea3 see the future of the World we live in. We aim to make sure that anyone, anywhere can provide services to people located anywhere in the world, across cities, countries and continents in any common language. Gone are the days when your local service provider was the only one you could turn to and he could charge as much as he wanted. And you could not blame the poor guy. Laws of supply and demand were in operation. 


Make money, have fun and get things done on Galilea3What makes us happy at Galilea3 is that the local service provider is going to be literally poor as well, unless he raises the standard of his services, sets sensible prices and goes out of his way to make sure the customer is happy. Competition is good for everybody, right? With Galilea3 the best service provider of digital products or services is just a click away from you. Did I mention the fact that Galilea3 aims to flatten the world? You may be physically thousands of kilometres away from the person selling what you need or on the other side of the globe, but  Galilea3 changes that distance to a few clicks of the mouse. With 7 languages to choose from (for starters), language barrier should not be a problem.
You can make money online, have fun or get things done with Galilea3 - the trully international micro-jobs site that speaks 7 languages.
See you on Galilea3 whether you speak English, Polish, Russian, German, French, Spanish or Arabic. We will be launching very soon. If you register on our site, we will let you know as soon as we go live. Remember, the earliest bird catches the fattest worm. You also get to reserve your favourite username, if you register before the date of launch. Start learning how to use Galilea3 today and you will be a step ahead of the competition. There will be lots of prizes for the first people who register when the site goes live, before the end of October 2013. Don't be late.
Thank you for your patience and reading through the whole post(You didn't just scan the post, did you? :-)) All marketers and SEOs who have read this far and are still interested in working with us should follow the link. There is a small surprise for you on  the other side. See you there. 
Fri, 04 Oct 2013