Use Yog to run with anyone, anywhere in the World in real-time

Yog - social running applicationToday I spent quite some time looking at my reflection in the mirror. I rarely do that although sometimes I am tempted to, especially when I hear ladies saying I look good. Mind you, it doesn't happen that often though. :-) (At least as often as I would like.) I even took some pictures of myself. Why was I looking at my reflection like a woman? The reason is I am a man on a mission. I am going to change. In a few months there will be a new me. So i want to be able to compare "before" and "after". Still don't know what I am talking about? Read on. 
Like I said, I am on a mission. The plan is to make the year 2013 the best year ever by making a habit of forming new habits. I have discovered that forming new habits is the best way for me to change my life. 
New habits and not discipline is the answer to a better life. If you haven't been following my journey to a better life, you can read my post "The amazing power of changing habits" which talks about how I started my journey.
The master plan
So here is the plan. Armed with two wonderful applications, Lift and Yog, I plan to become a runner over the next few months. Please read my post "Use Lift to create habits that last forever." to find out how Lift can help you create new habits.
Yog is a literally whole new story. It's the latest productivity app in my arsenal of applications that will help me to  form the next habit on my list.
What is Yog all about and why am I so excited about it?
Well, Yog is a social running application for iPhone that connects runners across the globe. All you have to do is install the application, choose a preset run or create your own run and invites friends, family and whoever else you want to join you. 
I know it's difficult to comprehend so let me stretch your imagination a little bit. Let's assume you are one of those rare members of our species who enjoys running everyday. To make the running even more interesting, you do it with a friend to catchup on the gossip. If the friend is of the opposite sex, you could be trying to impress them by showing how fit you are. Let me not go into that because we all know how it is. 
Now what do you do if your friend travels to the other side of the world? It's possible right? You don't spend time with people who don't bring value to your life, do you? You shouldn't. So we are assuming your friend is a big shot and really has to be on the side of the world. 
Now what happens to your running plan when your friend goes on this vital business trip? Either you run on your own or you wait for your friend to come back, right? Wrong! 
That's where Yog comes in. It's got you covered. All you have to do is make sure you both install Yog on those smartphones of yours. Having a smartphone is a must these days, isn't it?
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The next thing is to schedule a run and invite your friend. You will then be able to connect and run with that dear friend of yours in real time, wherever he may be. Isn't that awesome. Now you see why I am so excited about Yog?

The idea that I will be able to run with a friend I haven't ran with for 15 years is quite exciting. I can run with anyone in the world for that matter. All I have to do is join a run in which anyone of my idols is participating. Imagine running  with someone like Carl Lewis or Ben Jonhson in real time, for example. Isn't that cool. You should admit that Yog is an interesting social application. I don't know about you, but I am beginning to believe that there is really an application for everything these days. Good applications for that matter. 
How will Yog improve my productivity?
Wandering why and how running is going to make me more productive? Let me explain. Where I  live they have a saying that goes "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body." If a healthy mind does not improve productivity, then I don't know what does.
So if you have always wanted to start running, now is the time. Let's all connect on Yog and leave our comfort zones. If you are already a lone runner, start using Yog and add a little more fun to your running by joining other Yoggers from other parts of the world. 

Oh! Did I mention the fact that you even get medals and lots of other interesting statistics like calories burned or average running speed? There is even a visual on-screen representation of people in the race that displays your position relative to others. It makes you feel like you are in a real race. You can invite friends via SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook.

That's all for today. I am off to build a new habit. Get Yog here and join the race to a better life.
A few questions before I go. How are you improving your life? What new habits are you working on? Please leave a comment below. Or you could just join me on my journey to make running a habit. 
Make a habit of making new habits!