Wunderlist 2 now features sub-tasks and recurring tasks

As I mentioned in my post about Wunderlist, I have been using this application for quite some time and it has become a must-have tool for me for creating task lists. The only two problems I had with Wunderlist was the fact that it lacked the sub-task and recurring tasks features. I used to recommend using Google Calendar to those who absolutely required these two features. Today I am writing to let the whole world know, especially those who were requesting these features, that with the arrival of Wunderlist 2 this problem is now a thing of the past. 


Wunderlist productivity app


Yes, Wunderlist 2 is here and it includes recurring tasks. It looks great and what's even more exciting is the fact that it is still very easy to use. I don't know how the Wunderlist developers do it, but they are doing a great job. If you need more information about Wunderlist, my favourite app for creating to-do lists, read my post "Still not using Wunderlist? Manage your tasks and improve productivity."
Features that make Wunderlist one of the best task management and productivity applications:
  • recurring tasks
  • sub-tasks
  • easier collaboration by sharing to-do lists with other people
  • email reminders and push notifcations
  • cloud functionality. The ability to write on one device and have stuff automatically available on all devices is a must these days.
  • keyboard shortcuts. This a feature that I should use more often. Some useful examples are "Add new item -> Control + 0", "Add new list -> Control + L", "Mark selected item as completed -> Control + D"
  • availability on almost all possible platforms, i.e. Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows. Unfortunately support for Linux, Windows Phone and Blackberry is currently not available.
  • possibility to add tasks by mailing them
  • ability to work offline and then synchronize when internet access is available

With so many features, such a pretty user interface and clean design, I am not surprised that 6Wunderkinder were nominated under the "Startup of The Year" category in German's Startup Awards.

Check out Wunderlist2 and let me know what you think. If you know of better apps for making to-do lists or applications similar to Wunderlist2, please leave a comment below.