Why a vocalist is like a social media marketer

I have been a vocalist for almost 8 years. I sing with people who are much better than me, but the funny thing is that after the concert most people come to me for autographs. They all think I am the leader of the band, the best singer. One thing I have learnt is that there is more to being a vocalist than singing like a pro. Wondering what that is? Well, it's the same thing that we hear bloggers and marketers talking about all the time - engagement. Still not sure what I am talking about? Let me explain. 
A vocalist is like a social media marketer

Why engagement is the name of the game

If you are a user of Twitter, I am sure you have noticed how people seem to retweet your posts more often as you engage them in conversations. It's the same with blogging. The more active you are in reaching out to other bloggers, replying to comments, listening to what your followers are saying or simply engaging them in conversations, the more comments you usually get. It's all about engagement. 

Why singing well is not enough to do the trick

What I have noticed is that the same principle applies to performing in front of an audience. That's because merely going on stage and singing your songs like a robot is not going to get you fans. It's not going to get people excited, happy, screaming out for more. Even if you sing like the best person who ever performed in front of a live audience, it's not going to work until you engage with the audience. You need to catch the audience's attention and keep it, from the beginning to the end of the show just like a marketer has to keep readers or followers engaged as they go down the marketing funnel until they part with those precious dollars and cents that we are all after. Relax the engagement a little bit and you lose the customer or you will need to start the whole process from the beginning.
I am not saying I am an expert at this, but my experience as a vocalist, blogger, teacher and marketer tells me that's how things should be done. I can tell you that the principle of engagement works for me at each and every concert. The only difference between concerts and social media marketing is that the process of building a relationship with members of the audience at a concert is much faster than in social media marketing.
The importance of engagement in social media marketing

So how do I get people excited enough to scream, shout and demand more?

It's actually not that difficult. All I have to do is target a few people in the audience. For example, when I see people who are dancing, I complement them. I just tell them that they are doing a great job. Then I tell the rest of the audience to learn from them. You won't believe how these few words will motivate people to do even better. They will dance and do everything possible to keep me focused on them. Another trick is to just select a few people in the audience and maintain eye contact with them. Just for a few seconds, I sing as if I am only singing for them. And the results are unbelievable. When comparing this to social media, I would say that my complement goes viral. These two simple tricks make people react to whatever I say as if they are high on drugs or something similar. When I say jump, they jump. When I say scream, they scream. When I jump, they also jump. My circle of influence keeps increasing as people compete against each other to catch my attention. That's the power of engagement. My singing partners always wonder how I do it. Well, if they are readers of my blog, now they know. 

Why awesome content alone is not enough

I have been experimenting with the same tactics on my blog and I have noticed that the more I engage with people, the more active they are on my blog. The same thing applies on Twitter. If, for example, a follower adds a comment to my tweet, and I reply and start talking to that person, it usually leads to more comments and retweets later. There is nothing more powerful than noticing, listening, replying or simply acknowledging your followers. This is the kind of action that will drive people at a steady speed down the funnel towards your destination of choice. I believe that is the reason why email marketing seems to work so well. By sending regular personalised emails with great content or something that hooks your readers, they feel like you are talking directly to them. It's like a one-to-one conversation and down the funnel they go.
So what tactics are you using to move your customers down the marketing funnel? Do you agree that keeping customers engaged will eventually get them where you want? Leave a comment below.
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Sat, 29 Jun 2013