Use Lift to help you create habits that last forever

We all know that changing habits is hard. The good thing is that it can be done. Today I bring you an application that will help you with consistency when changing routines to form new habits. Here is the reason why. Since I started working on creating a better me, after years of procrastination, all I have been hearing is that forming new habits is the best way to change my life permanently. We are talking about positive changes here. And the key to forming new habits is consistency. As a huge fun of productivity applications, it goes without saying that the first thing I did was to make a collection of the best applications that could help me win my battle and achieve my goals. 

screenshot of the application

Being a forgetful person, the first application on my list was a simple task management application that would help me keep track of everything I had to do and make sure that all the loose ends where tied. After trying a few applications I decided to go with Wunderlist because of its beauty, simplicity, reliability and availability on all possible platforms. Not to mention the fact that it's free. Find out more about this wonderful application in my post "Still not using Wunderlist? Manage your tasks and improve productivity"

With Wunderlist making sure all tasks are under control, the next thing was to find an application that would help me with consistency. Routine is what makes it possible to create new habits that last forever. The application that caught my eye is called Lift. Having found Lift, all I had to do was:

  • identify good habits,

    Habit building using the application Lift

  • track performance,

  • and make progress.


But first things first. 

What can Lift do for you?

  • Lift can help you with consistency to achieve all your goals. It will track how well you are doing as well as provide you with graphical information regarding you progress. 

  • The idea is that after you create an account, you choose or create a habit that you would like to work on. The first habit that I chose to work on was not eating after 21:00. Changing this single habit has changed my whole life, as a I wrote in my post "The amazing power of changing habits."

  • After choosing the habit, you check in to Lift everyday that you have managed to stay on track. The application then keeps track of your progress. It also shows the "streak" of continuous days in which you have successful worked on your new habit. Seeing the number of days you have continuously worked on the habit increasing motivates you to keep doing it by simply trying not to break the streak. It's like playing a game with your mind. An exciting one for that matter. As long as you  are making progress.

  • We all know how much easier it is to stay focused when you do a task in a group or with a friend. A good example is going to work out at the gym. It's not easy to master the will-power to just leave your house and go to the gym. When you do it with a friend you help each other to stay focused and it often becomes more of a pleasure. May be it's because when you do it with a friend there are other benefits such as catching up on the latest gossip or bragging about your latest conquests (if you know what I mean). Anyway, Lift allows you to do the same thing. You can join or create a group of people who are trying to achieve the same goals. You can even invite Twitter friends to join or follow your group inside Lift.

  • The report that Lift emails you contains information about other members of the group you are in, with all their progress displayed as a percentage. You can then easily compare your progress to that of your peers.

  • Lift is a free application. So get Lift now and watch your consistency improve in no time at all.

Consistency means success in forming new habits and new habits mean positive changes in your life. With positive changes comes greater productivity.

That's all for today. Now get Lift, identify good habits to work on. Track your performance and make progress. To cut a long story short, start using Lift today, build new habits and be more productive.

If you need more motivation and information about how changing a single habit changed my life, read my post  "The amazing power of changing habits".

* Update: Lift was even featured on BBC. Don't believe? Take a look.

How do you stay focused and achieve your goals?


Sat, 10 Nov 2012