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For the past week I’ve been taking classes in Gynecology and Obstetrics. During one of the seminars, the lecturer highlighted a disparity between the increased diagnosis of hypertension in pregnancy and a contrastingly low average-blood-pressure in the pregnant population. One of my male classmates then said jokingly, “Feminine logic!”. The guys seated next to him burst out in laughter and I thought, “Who would blame them? We can’t even fully comprehend ourselves, let alone the person next to us who’s different in design.” Yes, guys! Women are complicated, but so is physics! If the latter can be studied and understood… J

Take out your cheque books, boys, because what I’m about to share with you is worth your while!


understanding women

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The Woman Is An Incubator

There’s a reason the woman was given a womb and I’m not talking about giving birth to babies. Her womb is symbolic of her nature. She takes in things and incubates them, then hatches the resulting “thing-lings”. Whatever you do or say to a woman hardly ever ends the second it’s been said or done. She’ll think over it, again and again and birth something from it! That’s why she can give you the silent treatment for days before she “really reacts” to what you said or did.

On the other hand, if you give her a house; she’ll give you a home, if you buy her groceries; she’ll give you a meal…

So, do you want a “bundle of joy” or a “rascal”? Watch what you give the woman.


She re-defines “Logic”

Men generally have a logical approach to life. “If the mind cannot fathom it, then there’s no room for it in a man’s world.” However, life’s circumstances cannot be dealt with purely by logic. Logic sometimes fails us and not everything we face fits perfectly into it. As much as some may want to deny the existence of a Superior Being or of supernatural life forms, there exists without a doubt, a realm aside from the physical. There is need for faith and the common “gut-feeling”. This is where the intuitive female comes in. She might not always have the facts to back-up her convictions but if she tells you to/not to make a certain move, consider it. Her logic may not be your logic, but if you TRY NOT TO THINK about it, you’ll find that it’s perfectly logical!!!


Men Think In Silence; Women Think Aloud

While men speak after having processed their thoughts, women process their thoughts while they speak. So when she is complaining about how her day went and the tone of work she has to deal with tomorrow, she’s not essentially asking for your help. She’s just processing her “to-do-list” out loud and verbally dealing with her pressure as opposed to the masculine “bottle-it-all-in” method. All she might need is just a listening ear and probably a hug to let her know she’s going to do just fine.


Men Feel Loved When Given Sex; Women Give Sex When They Feel Loved

Women understand and experience intimacy differently from men.

A woman’s love is always a reciprocation of the man’s. Naturally, it is the man’s initiative to love on the woman, then she will in turn react to that love. If you want to be loved, you need to understand how to love a woman.

A woman’s greatest need is security:

  • Physical- Walk her home after a date. If it’s not possible, at least call to find out if she got there safely. If she hears a sound in the middle of the night, she wants you to go see what it is, so don’t crawl back like a baby J, be a man!
  • Emotional- She needs to know that you are not out to play with her heart. Give her compliments, tell her you love her often, make little gestures of affection. Nothing too fancy. Deep down inside, every woman appreciates the simple things. And stop staring at other women!
  • Financial- Money isn’t everything, but life can’t run without it either. All she really needs is some stability. Financial Stability is relative depending on your woman’s level of maintenance lol… but you get the idea.
  • Social- She needs to be able to walk with her head up high because of her association with you.
  • Spiritual- If she’s a woman of faith, she needs to know that you are the kind of man she can count on when times get tough and her faith alone cannot carry her through the storm.

A man shows love through provision. If you as a man can understand how to provide her with these needs, you’ll get all the loving you need.


Chi-ching!!! Time to pay-up!!!

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Book recommendation: Understanding the Power and Purpose of Woman, by Dr. Myles Munroe

Told you that she was good, didn't I? After reading this post, I have to admit that my understanding of women got a little better. :-) Do you agree or disagree with Brenda's thoughts on this topic? Leave a comment below. Don't forget to share the love.


Sat, 13 Apr 2013