The best way to say thank you on Twitter

If you are a blogger, the one and only thing you want is for your stuff to appear in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Right? You want your posts to be shared and to be read everyday. Right? OK, OK. I know some of you are in it to make big bucks. If you are answered yes to both questions, why don't you join me in changing the way we do things on Twitter. Read on to find out how.
How to say thank you on Twitter
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Should you thank each and every person who shares your content?

I use Twitter almost every day. Go on, you can call me an addict and you wouldn't be that far from the truth. I get a lot of "thank you" messages and I send a fair amount of the same messages everyday. The problem is I really never know whether to thank each and every person who shares my posts or not. Twitter is already too noisy as it is. Are all those "thank you" messages really necessary? I think not and here is why. 


Here is how I would prefer to be thanked. What about you?

When someone shares your posts, instead of saying "Thank you for sharing" or "Thanks for retweeting" or something similar, how about just spending a few minutes visiting that person's blog and selecting and sharing one of their old posts! I would certainly prefer my post to be shared than to be thanked. I am not saying you should do this each and every time someone shares your post, but there are those followers or readers of yours who deserve a little more than a simple thank you. You do have people who love and share everything you write, don't you? If you don't, then you are doing something wrong. It could be that you are not targeting the right people, or your stuff simply isn't good enough or you are writing stuff that is not valuable, etc. Everyone is talking about writing for the reader and doing things that solve pain points. Do that and you should get a positive change, but that's not the topic of this post.

Here comes the STOP movement (Share The Old Posts)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. As bloggers, we should not spend time producing more and more posts that no one is reading. That's not the idea. We want to produce content that is valuable and gets shared many many times so that Google and it's distant cousins and nephews like Bing will fall in love with your work and lift you to the top of the SERPs where even more eyeballs will have the chance to view your work. Who knows, you may even make a dollar or two in the process. It's all about producing ever green content and marketing it. Those in the know say social signals is a ranking factor that's gaining in momentum. We should actually spend more time marketing and promoting what we already have instead of fast and furiously producing content that is not valuable to any one. I believe we have enough useless information online already, as it is. Let's go green online, reduce noise on social platforms like Twitter by sharing and exchanging valuable information. We could call this the STOP movement (Share The Old Posts). :-) 

Showing fellow bloggers some love

How do you show appreciation to people who share your posts on Twitter? Leave a comment below and don't forget to join the STOP (Share The Old Posts) movement. You can start by sharing this post. :-)
Tue, 18 Jun 2013