The best thing that a blogger could ever do

You thought I was going to talk about writing compelling content, on page and off page SEO, promoting your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc., didn't you? A lot of people have already written about that, so I am not going to repeat the same old stuff. I will just link you to some of the best resources online regarding the common points that all bloggers, old and new, should keep in mind because the topic of this post is Triberr. When I started blogging I had no idea something like Triberr existed. I didn't know what to do to bring traffic to my blog or to get my posts shared. The miserable amount of Twitter or Facebook shares of some of my first posts is tangible proof of what I am talking about. (I have embedded a few screenshots below for your entertainment :-) ).
Miserable Twitter shares before using Triberr
Miserable Twitter shares before joining Triberr
More impressive Twitter shares after joining Triberr
More impressive Twitter shares after joining Triberr
Since I like stories with happy endings, I will let you know that this sorry situation completely changed when I met Bojan Djordjervic, the founder of, who introduced me to Triberr. Before we get into how Triberr completely turned things around for me, here are some awesome resources to get you started with the other important elements of blogging.
You can learn more about SEO from the guys at


  • Tools you need to make your Twitter experience easier
We already know that there just isn't enough time to use all social media platforms and to spend hours doing things manually, find out more about some "Awesome Twitter tools", how to set up "Twitter alerts" and how to use "Twitter lists" in order to automate some elements of your work on Twitter.


And the answer is .... Triberr

Now let's get back to the most important thing that all bloggers, ninja and newbie, should do to amplify their reach and to improve results. As I mentioned earlier, the secret ingredient to a successful and painless blogging experience is Triberr. Some of you have no idea what Triberr is and what you are missing, so let me explain. Triberr is a platform for bloggers where they help each other to promote their work. At that's how I understand it.

Why joining Triberr is a great idea

Let's say you are just getting started and you have a 100 Twitter followers. If you share your latest post, out of those hundred followers, a few will see your post, if you are lucky. An application like Tweriod can help improve the odds that some of your followers will see your posts by letting you know the best times to post. If you are a very lucky person, one or two people will retweet your post. You could build your Twitter following to improve the odds even more, but that takes a lot of time and you might lose interest and stop blogging before you even see the results of the hard work. That's where Triberr comes in. Triberr will get your stuff shared to a large number of people in no time at all, if you join the correct tribes. That's assuming your content is good, of course. :-)
Besides getting your stuff read and shared,  Triberr also enables you to learn from other bloggers and to develop relationships that can benefit you in future. 
The main benefit is that your content will appear in front of many more eyeballs, starting with your tribemates. Many more than it would if you were just sharing it with your followers. The kind of reach some of the tribes have is unbelievable. Here is a good example. I am a member of the "Power Sharers" tribe, which has a reach of more than 5 000 000 people. That's a huge number. 

How does Triberr work?

Using Triberr is very easy. All you have to do is create an account, set up the RSS feed to your blog, join some tribes, start sharing your Tribemates' content and they will start sharing yours. Easy, right?
If you want to find out more about the reason why you should join Triberr, or the advantages of working as a group in general, I refer you to Dino Dogan's article "How to get more out of Tribber". Dino is the co-founder of Triberr. Every time I read his posts, I feel like I could move mountains. He has great ideas about the future of blogging, social media and a lot of other stuff. 
If you are an average blog reader, you probably just scanned the post looking for the answer to "The best thing that a blogger could ever do". So let me repeat here that joining Triberr is the answer, if you missed it. 
Sat, 13 Jul 2013