Have you ever wandSoundGecko imageered how much time you spend reading articles online? If you are like me, most probably you have been thinking of how you could use that time more productively. SoundGecko is a perfect solution to this problem. This is a service that magically converts text to sound. All you have to do is enter the address of the article and your email address and in around one minute (depending on the size of the article) you will recieve an MP3 version of your article which you can then listen to on your device of choice, be it an iPod, computer or phone.

Still wandering how this will make you more productive? Let me explain. Now, instead of sitting in front of your computer and reading article after article, all you have to do is switch on your favourite mp3 player and listen to your articles while you are doing other things like washing your car, jogging, driving to or from work, etc. You can even do your shopping while listening to your favourite articles. Like the good people at say, SoundGecko frees your hands and your eyes.

If you think that is all that SoundGecko can do for you, then you are mistaken. You can also configure SoundGecko to connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. It will then be possible for this service to automatically save your audio files in the cloud drive. Now you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Isn't that sweet?

There is more. SoundGecko works on all almost any device. There is even an application available on the AppStore that you can install on your Apple devices to make things even easier. Install SoundGecko or just paste your links on the SoundGecko website at and free yourself from the screen and be more productive.

How to use SoundGecko










There are three ways to use SoundGecko.

  • The first method is to just use the homepage. All you have to do is paste the address of the article you want to be converted to audio, enter your email address and press enter. In a minute or so the audio version will be sent to your email account.
  • The second method involves sending an email containing the address of your article to
  • If you have the Chrome browser installed on your computer you can install the SoundGecko Chrome extension which enables you to send articles to be transcribed by just clicking the SoundGecko icon. The picture above shows you how to use the SoundGecko website. Just follow these four simple steps.

Reminder: To get the best results remember to select the print version of the page you want transcribed wherever possible.