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A cool service for podcasters by a podcaster plus 5 awesome tips for podcasting beginners

You have probably noticed that life is getting faster and faster every single day. What with blogging, podcasting, following the timelines on our favourite social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. I think most of us would need to double the hours in a day in order to get everything to-do list done every day. I am not even sure if that would be enough.

An intriguing tool for public speakers and presenters who need live feedback from their audience

A few weeks ago I came across an awesome app with a very intriguing name. It was called Intercourse. Intriguing, right? But that name is already history. The app is now called Feedback Fast. I am sure you are wondering why the developers had to change the name of their app. It's also an interesting story, but we will come back to that after I have explained what it is that Feedback Fast does so well. 

The difficult business of getting the first 50 pre-launch registered users for a startup

They say creating a service or product is the easiest part of starting a business. Getting the first few people to use or purchase your product is where the tough work really starts. And it really does not matter whether your product is free or not. You may be wondering how could it possibly be difficult to get someone to use your product if you are giving it away for free. There are many reasons this is possible. For example, it could be that your product does not solve a problem or pain point that potential customers have.

How to manage your social media platform settings like a boss

As new social media platforms appear, it's becoming impossible to keep an eye on each and everyone of them. If you want my advice, you should not even try to or you will lose your mind. Choose a few relevant ones, learn to use them efficiently and stick to them. Don't spread yourselft  too thin. It will wear you out. Anyway, keeping all those profiles updated is not an easy task.

10 awesome web tools to improve productivity and simplify life online

We all have 24 hours in a day, right? So how come some people do more stuff in a day than others? Some people don't even get any stuff done at all. Well, it depends on how we organize our day, on our habits, on the tools we use and a lot of other reasons. Genes could also have something do with it. While there isn't much I can do about your genes to improve your productivity, I can help you improve your productivity by providing you with some tools that I find to be very helpful.

The best thing that a blogger could ever do

You thought I was going to talk about writing compelling content, on page and off page SEO, promoting your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc., didn't you? A lot of people have already written about that, so I am not going to repeat the same old stuff. I will just link you to some of the best resources online regarding the common points that all bloggers, old and new, should keep in mind because the topic of this post is Triberr.

Why a vocalist is like a social media marketer

I have been a vocalist for almost 8 years. I sing with people who are much better than me, but the funny thing is that after the concert most people come to me for autographs. They all think I am the leader of the band, the best singer. One thing I have learnt is that there is more to being a vocalist than singing like a pro. Wondering what that is? Well, it's the same thing that we hear bloggers and marketers talking about all the time - engagement.

The best way to say thank you on Twitter

If you are a blogger, the one and only thing you want is for your stuff to appear in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Right? You want your posts to be shared and to be read everyday. Right? OK, OK. I know some of you are in it to make big bucks. If you are answered yes to both questions, why don't you join me in changing the way we do things on Twitter. Read on to find out how.