Painless parenting

  • Success comes in different shapes, forms and sizes. There are those who believe finishing secondary school is success, others believe being a university graduate or Hollywood superstar is ultimate success while other parents believe that being one of the best football players or sportsmen is the only justifiable reason to say someone is successful.

  • When I was a child I had the feeling that my relatives, including my parents, did not always treat me as a child that I was. Before I even finished primary school, I had to cook, do the laundry, work in the garden or in the fields, depending on whether we were in town or in the village. Here is a good example.
  • I have been teaching for more than 13 years. If I add the years that I spent in school as a pupil, that's really a lot of time. The changes that I have witnessed in the education sector over those years have had me saying "Hallelujah" sometimes and "No way, this can't be happening" at other times. Just like with all things in life, there are positive and negative changes going on in this field.
  • Do you sometimes have a feeling that your parents made mistakes in the way they brought you up? And they probably kept telling you that they knew what was best for you. Parents just don't get it. :-)