moBiLET - the worry-free travel solution for Poland

If you are planning to travel to Poland (or live in Poland), Mobilet is an application that you may find interesting. It is a ticket purchasing system that can be used for buying bus, train and parking tickets throughout Poland using a smartphone, tablet or any other device that has access to the Internet.

moBiLET application logo

As the application's developer says, using this service has a lot of advantages over the traditional means of purchasing tickets. Here are are a few of them:

  • you can buy your train or bus ticket anytime of the day, wherever you are.
  • you no longer need to waste time looking for a place to buy tickets. Your ticket is always ready and waiting for you in your mobile phone.
  • when you park your car, you do not have to go back and check whether you have not exceeded the time limit. You can do that using your phone.
  • you can use this application to buy tickets in any city in Poland. A single account covers the whole country. There is no need to create an account for each city.

If you think this application is only for those people who do not own cars and have to use public transport, then you are totally wrong. This application is actually the best solution for car owners. moBiLET will save your life, or at least time and money, in those few cases when you have to use public transport. Let's say your car breaks down, or you drive to a friend and take a sip or two of your favourite beverage. If you do not drink too much of that, then you will still be in a position to remember that you can not drink and drive.

Now what do you do? Of course you could call a taxi, but because of the global financial crisis you may prefer cheaper solutions. That's when moBiLET will come to your rescue. Like I said before, you do not have to look for a place to buy a ticket or risk being caught without a ticket. With moBiLET, your ticket will be right there with you, in your pocket. That's if you didn't forget your phone at home. Follow this link to get moBiLET