Kleii - Get 50GB free cloud storage space

Kleii website imageWe all know and love cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. But, there is a new cloud storage kid on the block who has raised the stacks by offering 50GB free storage space. I am talking about the best Asian storage service that goes by the name of Kleii. 

If you are looking for a cloud storage service where you can store lots of documents, movies, photos, etc., then Kleii might just be answer.
The default amount of free storage space that you get on registration is 2GB, but you can quickly and easily raise that to 50GB by following these simple steps:
  • by inviting friends to create an account on Kleii
  • space is also awarded each time someone downloads your public files 
  • each time you share a file with a friend you get 250MB free storage
  • Referring a friend earns you 500MB free space
  • Being active on Kleii, like logging in everyday can also earn you free space

The maximum free space you can get on Kleii is 50GB. At the moment the aplication that comes with Kleii only runs on Windows and Linux. The Mac and Mobile versions of the application are still being developed. At least that is the information on the developer's website. Although this is a huge disadvantage, in the technology era where we all want to do things  on the go and on different types of devices and platforms, I believe Kleii is a promising solution for heavy users of cloud storage like myself.

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