Install paid applications for free with AppsGoneFree

People are always on the lookout for sales, discounts, coupons and any other ways to save a dollar here and there. In the technology age where applications and other tools can make or break our success, we need to keep our eyes open to find those free apps or apps on discount to make the most of the resources we have or do not have. 

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I am sure there are many ways to do this, but as a fan of applications I just had to find an application that would make it easier for me. Instead of using Google or the Apple Store or other time consuming methods of finding great apps for free, I recommend a great application called AppsGoneFree. This awesome application collects and presents a list of apps that are on promotion and you can download them for free. It's usually a short window of opportunity that needs to be used within 24 hours. Sometimes the grace period is a little longer. AppsGoneFree makes this information available to you for free. The apps are handpicked, which means you will likely find them to be useful. As the application's developers say, "if it's on the list, it's worth owning."
Ever since I discovered AppsGoneFree, I have installed and uninstalled so many great apps for my kids and for my own personal use. It's something that I would normally not do because that would involve spending a little fortune in the App Store. With AppsGoneFree you can afford to pick, install, test and chose without spending a dime. Isn't that awesome? And I am talking about applications that you would not normally get for free. 
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So how does AppsGoneFree work?

The good people behind AppsGoneFree send you a list of between 5 to 10 applications to check out everyday. To get started, all you have to do is install AppsGoneFree, configure your timezone and then wait for the application to do its thing, i.e. through push notification you get notified when new applications are available.

Check out AppsGoneFree and let me know what you think. If you know of any similar apps, share the love in the comments below.