Improve productivity by getting your Gmail attachments automatically organized

Attachments application screenshotIf you have a Gmail account and you are not using the application then you are missing out on some cool things that you can do with your attachments to get more organised and improve productivity. Simply put, takes your Gmail account to the next level.

Let me start by explaining how I use As a tech geek I get close to a hundred emails on one of my gmail accounts everyday. Without the help of it would be impossible to keep track of all the important attachments that constantly get delivered to my account. So when I heard about this great application called I immediately installed and configured it. has made a huge change to the way I deal with my emails.  
When Attachments is configured properly it saves certain attachments in certain folders of your choice in your cloud storage service account such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or Skydrive. For example you could set it up in such a way that all attachments from your boss or other workmates would be saved in a folder called Work in your Dropbox account, all attachments from your friend joe@friend.jj would go to the folder Joe on SkyDrive or all attachments from your mother in-law would go to Trash in Box or something like that. I hope you get the idea.
What does do for you:
  1. indexes your emails and makes it much easier to search for attachments in your Gmail account.
  2. You can also use to attach documents in your cloud storage accounts to your emails.
  3. You can reate rules to automatically save attachments  to predefined folders
  4. If you combine and Dispatch you can really do some amazing things to your productivity.  Find out more about Dispatch and see how you can take advantage of the features of these two excellent applications.  Follow this link to read my article about Dispatch. 
How to use
1. You can install the Chrome and Firefox extensions - when the extension is installed you will have the possibility to send received email attachments to a cloud service of your choice when you open a new email message that contains attachments. The extension will also add a new feature that enables you to attach files from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive.
2. You can install the iOS application
3. You can use the website
Attachments website image and Dispatch is a combination I recommend to anyone who would like to take their Gmail account and productivity to the next level. My Linux server administration background taught me that automation can save lots of time and improve productivity. I use the same principle everywhere. Repetetive tasks like saving email attachments are good candidates for automation.
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