Important things all parents should teach their children - the poor teacher deserves respect

There is this interesting story I heard when I was a child. I never really found out whether it was a true story or just a family legend. But judging from the little knowledge and memories of my grandfather that I have, since he died when I was still a child, I have strong reasons to believe that this could be a true story. Since I heard the story when I was still very young, I can't even remember who told me about it. So there is no way I can confirm the story, but I will tell it to you anyway.

values parents must teach children
The poor teacher
It was in the late 1970s when teachers were still allowed to spank kids in school. Unfortunately, one of my uncles's teacher was the worst or best in the spanking business, depending on how you look at the situation. Anyway, one day he spanked one of my uncles hard. Immediately after the spanking, that uncle of mine ran away from school straight to his dad (my grandfather) and reported what had just happened. Being the short-tempered guy he was (talking from experience here :-)) my grandfather rode his bike straight to school and beat up the teacher. The reason I am telling you my family story is that the topic for today is tolerance, teamwork and other survival tactics required for successful school social life. My grandfather's story should serve as an example of things we, as parents, should never do. Imagine how that poor teacher's authority plummeted in the eyes of my uncle and his classmates or even the whole school because there is no doubt that news of such an event would spread like fire throughout the school. As a teacher myself, I still feel sorry for the poor guy. I am also glad that my uncle didn't follow my grandfather's example and managed to grow up to be a better parent. 
What's the lesson for today?
The moral of the story may not be very clear, so let me explain. When talking about teachers we should try not to undermine the teacher's authority in our children's eyes. I know there are cases were you may be angry with the teacher. It could be because the teacher gave your child homework for the weekend when you were planning to go to Disneyland or let's just say your anger may be justified. However justified your anger may be, always do your best to avoid saying bad things about the teacher in your child's presence. Should I remind you that you need to give a good example? I didn't think so too. If your child has no respect for the teacher's authority, don't expect him to listen. And if he doesn't listen to what the teacher says, don't expect him to get good grades. Simple as that. 
I know respect must be earned, but a little help from the parents would go a long way to improve the poor teacher's life, their children's grades as well as their respect for authority in adult life. Most people don't know it, but respect for authority is what makes us who we are. Without that there would be chaos all over the place. 
We are on a roll here, so let's go on to the issue of how to handle problems between your child and other children. Remember I may be a little biased here. That's because I usually look at this issue from a teacher's perspective. My advice here is to let your children fight their battles. What I mean to say is that you should stay on the sidelines and not get involved in your children's problems. Help your children to solve social problems with their peers, but don't take it upon yourself to do the same with other people's children. Remember problems between children are part of growing up. They have to learn to leave with other people, whether they like them or not. The sooner they learn this, the better. It's not rare to see siblings fighting against each. Therefore, problems between classmates, for example, should be anticipated. It's up to you, as a parent to prepare them and to give them a good example. 
We can not all get along
I have witnessed situations where problems that start between children get blown out proportions and end up being serious problems between parents. Instead of seizing the opportunity to teach their children that we live in a world where we don't all have to love each other, they start fighting tooth and nail for their children. Teach your child tolerance and the ability to work in a team and they will be a step ahead of other children. We all know how it is with children. One day they are best friends, the next day they are enemies and then they become friends again. If parents get too involved, this cycle might get broken for good, which is not good for anybody. 
Do you think teachers are not getting the respect they deserve? I personally believe this could be the cause of a lot of problems we are facing with pupils in schools these days. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.
Mon, 18 Feb 2013