How to set up Twitter alerts for free using Twilert

We have all heard of Google Alerts and how you can monitor stuff on Google. Who would have thought there is a similar service for Twitter that is completely free. Free as in free beer. I am talking about Twilert. This is a tool that you can configure to monitor and search anything you want on Twitter. I mean anything! You can monitor words, phrases, hashtags, mentions, etc. 
How to set up Twitter alerts for free using Twilert
Instead of spending hours searching for stuff or sitting infront of your computer monitoring stuff in real time, you can set up Twilert, go for walk, play with the kids, or do whatever it is you enjoy doing and haven't been finding time to do. Use Twilert and free yourself. 
Why use Twilert
Let's assume, for example, that you are planning to write an awesome post about SEO. To be able to do that you need some awesome resources. You could easily get those on Twitter, if you are following the right people. If you are not, then Twilert will be an excellent solution for you.
How to schedule your Twitter alerts
The process is very simple.
  • In less than 5 minutes you will have everything setup. Just log in to Twilert using your Facebook or Twitter account,
  • Tell Twilert the email account you would like to use for receiving your Twitter alerts
  • Configure your timezone if Twilert didn't get it right automatically,
  • Create a Twitter alert or Twilert by click on "Create Twilert"
    • Enter the phrase, word, hashtag, you would like to monitor,
    • Tell Twilert when you would like to receive your alerts
    • Click "Create Twilert" and that's it. Simple, right? If you are the impatient type and would like to check how Twilert works straight away, just scroll down to "Manage Your Twilerts" and click "Send" under any one of your scheduled Twilerts. If you don't get an email right away, don't worry. This only means your chosen Twilert target word or phrase was not located. Just be patient, because when the word or phrase appears on Twitter, Twilert will not forget to inform you.

The Twilert Email Report

Twilert report for Twitter alerts
This is what a Twilert report looks like
Take a break from Twitter
Let Twilert do the monitoring and send you nice reports by email at the times you scheduled when creating your Twilerts. You can go on with business or pleasure and then just check your email account whenever you are ready. I am sure you will find or already know more interesting and creative ways to use Twitter alerts. If you do, be sociable and leave a comment below. 
If you didn't understand a thing from my post, watch the video below that was created by the developers of Twilert. It should clear up things a bit. 
Give Twilert a try and let me know what you think. 
Note: Unfortunately, Twilert is no longer free. 
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Tue, 04 Jun 2013