How to remove the background from a picture with zero knowledge of graphics

If you have worked with images before then I am sure you know how removing backgrounds from pictures is time consuming. Not only do you need a steady hand and a lot of patience to click on all those tiny pixels if you want good results, but you also have to dig deep into your pocket to purchase an application like Photoshop. If you are clever and your needs are within reasonable limits, you can use the awesome and free tool called The Gimp which you can find here. But that's not the topic of this post. 
Today I want to talk about a great web tool that I recently discovered that can take all the pain out of the art of removing image backgrounds fast and completely free (read "while it's still in beta"). The tool is called ClippingMagic, which is a suitable name because what it does is simply magic. Without any knowledge of image editing, you can remove backgrounds in seconds. Just like that. Magic! Oh, sorry. As shown below. :-)

Now it's time for some magic with ClippingMagic

Step 1: Well, all you have to do is paste your image in the space provided.
Clipping magic drop image
Step 2: Mark the areas you want to remove with the red background colour and those you want to remain with the green foreground brushes. The tool will automagically adjust to suit your selections.
Clipping magic select background and foreground
Step 3: And, voilà, the background is gone. In seconds.
Clipping magic results
Isn't that amazing? Magic!
For those cases when it's difficult to differentiate the edges of the areas you want to be removed, ClippingMagic provides a "Refine menu" where you can get better results. There is even a tool for separating hair from backgrounds.
Are you are planning to remove some image backgrounds? Give ClippingMagic a try and let me know what you think. I am sure you will save a lot of time.
If you know other tools that make life easier when working with images, leave a comment below.