How to remove junk, manage email subscriptions and stop email overload

If you are like me, you have probably subscribed to countless newsletters that you thought you would read regularly or at least have a look at once in a while to keep up with what is happening in your area of interest.  Since you are like me, you are probably finding it impossible to follow the famous in-box-zero principle as you receive endless amounts of emails from all those sources at an ever-increasing rate. It's very likely that a huge percentage of the messages you keep getting is no longer relevant to what you are doing, but you have just been too lazy or too busy to do something about it. I feel your pain because it does take time to sift through all those emails to find the unsubscribe links and get things organised. I was in the same boat I until I came across a tool called This tool makes it easy to manage subscriptions. will get you to inbox zero in no time at all. - scanning for newsletters scanning my inbox - the complete newsletter scan discovered 286 subscriptions

So how does work?

Using is easy peasy. All you have to do is enter your email address in the form provided and give the tool some time to scan through your emails to find all subscriptions. Information on the site says it takes around 2 minutes for the scan to complete. In my case it took more than 7 minutes. That wasn't a surprising result because I have been using my hotmail account since the service was created, which was a really long time ago. It's an account reserved for subscriptions and I rarely have time to unsubscribe, so subscriptions have been piling up for more than 10 years. - configuring the rollup
Here you can add subscriptions to the rollup or choose to unsubscribe discovered 286 subscriptions. After Unrollme finishes scanning, you then get the possibility to either unsubscribe or add things to your rollup, as shown in the image above. Unrollme then sends you a daily rollup where you can check emails in one place. You are allowed to decide when you want to receive the rollup. Unsubscribing is a matter of just clicking the unsubscribe buttons on the list. It doesn't get much easier than that. You do not only get rid of subscriptions you have forgotten about, but get the possibility of receiving one message once per day instead of being bombarded by email after email. You get a tidy inbox without losing your messages. Let me not spoil the fun for you. Check out this awesome tool, get rid of all the junk and bring some sanity to your inbox.  
I would like to thank Pat Flynn of the famous for introducing me to this great tool. If you have used or know other free tools that do the same job, leave a comment below.