How to manage your social media platform settings like a boss

As new social media platforms appear, it's becoming impossible to keep an eye on each and everyone of them. If you want my advice, you should not even try to or you will lose your mind. Choose a few relevant ones, learn to use them efficiently and stick to them. Don't spread yourselft  too thin. It will wear you out. Anyway, keeping all those profiles updated is not an easy task. Just remembering the different profile image sizes requires a book for dummies or a blog post like this one here by Carolyn Nicander Mohr.
What if you could find all the links for updating settings on all your favourite social media platforms in one place? You would free your mind of the need to remember or save time wasted searching for links to the pages where you can make updates. Sounds interisting, right? Well, there is a tool that will help you to maintain your social network settings like a boss, across most social media platforms from one place. This tool will take you directly to all the places you need to go to change passwords, profile pictures, bio, etc.
The secret weapon for managing network settings
My weapon of choice for managing network settings is called BlissControl. The interface of BlissControl is so simple that there is not much to explain really. All you have to do is select the setting you want to change on the left side and then select the platform whose settings you want to change on the right side. And then you press go. That's it. BlissControl will take you directly to the page where you can change the relevant setting. Sweet! 
Here are the settings you can change using BlissControl
Bliss Control settings you can change
The list of network platforms to choose from
Bliss Control social media platforms available
Let's say you want to change your bio on LinkedIn
Bliss Control change LinkedIn bio
Or change your profile picture on Twitter
Bliss Control change Twitter profile picture
You get the idea? Select a setting on the left side, a platform on the right side and click "Go". Easy, right? Now go and update those settings you have been too lazy to search for. You can also have a look at my post here with other tools that can help you save some time when working online. If you know of any other tools that make life easier for the busy world wide web user, leave a comment below.
Churchill Madyavanhu
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Tue, 17 Dec 2013