How to easily delete registered accounts from most web services

In my previous post here, I wrote about managing settings of social media platforms like a boss, i.e. managing the settings from one place. This time I am writing about a tool that helps you to delete accounts on websites. I have been using the Internet from the days of the analogue modems, creating accounts on all web services possible. That's a hack of a long time. Can you imagine how many accounts I have created over those years? There is an unaccountable number of them, some that I can't even remember. I am sure a lot of you guys reading this post are in the same situation. I never actually thought about deleting accounts until I came across this cool tool called justdeleteme. But first things first. 

Risks associated with registering accounts on web services

Most ordinary users of web services use the same email address and password on all websites where they register. We all know that there is no site that can not be hacked. It's actually a matter of when, if someone clever decides to hack a website. This, therefore, means that if that same clever person hacks a site and steals your login information, they will be clever enough to try to use the same details on other websites with even more interesting stuff, e.g. your paypal account or other online site where they can get more sensitive information. Services like Evernote, Buffer, Adobe or even Lastpass, have been hacked before. There are expceptions. I hope you get the point. And then there is spam to think about. 
Should you delete accounts that you are not using?
Since we now know that it's risky to have your login information on a lot of websites as they are all likely to be hacked one day, it makes sense to delete accounts that you no longer need. However, tracking and trying to find links to delete accounts on all those websites that you have used for years, some you don't even remember, would be a huge problem. That's where Justdeleteme comes in. It makes the task of deleting accounts on online services less painful.

Here is how Justdeleteme works.

Just deleteme is a directory of online services. All you have to do is search for the service where you want to delete your account. Justdeleteme will provide you with a link to delete your account or with information on how to do it, if it's one of those services that make it difficult for you to delete your account. There is a colour code which shows you how difficult deleting your account will be. Green means it is as easy as clicking on one link. Orange means more than one step is required. Red means you will not be able to fully delete your account without contacting the relevant customer service. Black means it's impossible to delete your account. You can actually use Justdeleteme to do more than simply deleting accounts that already exist. Read on to find out how.
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How to use Justdeleteme to be warned before you register an account

Not only can you use Justdeleteme as a tool for deleting accounts, you can also use it for researching web services before you register on them to see how difficult it will be to get rid of the account when you no longer need it. Some web services are designed in such a way that there is no way you can delete your account. Justdeleteme provides a browser addon with a colour code that will warn you before you create an account. 
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One more cool way to project yourself when registering accounts

If you want to keep your regular email account free of spam or just to register on a site you won't be using regularly, you could create a separate email account that you use on websites that don't look very trustworthy. An even better solution would be to create a temporary account using one of the many temporary email account providers online, e.g. 10MinuteMail or SpamBox. The idea behind temporary email accounts is that they work for a certain period and then get automatically deleted. This means there will be no trace of your account and spammers or marketers will not be able to keep bombarding you with emails after you have signed up to download something from their site. A cool idea, if you ask me!
Why don't you go and give Justdeleteme a try? Leave a comment below, if you know of any similar apps or tools that simplify life online. 
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Sun, 22 Dec 2013