How do I blog and have a family life?

If you are anything like me, you probably do a lot of different things every single day. I am a dad, husband, employee, entrepreneur, and a lot of other things in between, every single day. The question is, how can one wear all these different hats on a daily basis without losing sanity? How to find that balance between blogging and family. How to find time to recharge your batteries, in this fast-paced world? Any ideas? I have a few ideas, so read on.
How to balance blogging and family life
Blogging is not an easy task. There are lot of things to take care of. You need to buy a domain, find a company to host your site, choose a content management system, learn to use it and then that important first step - start writing. And when you start writing you can't stop. You have to do it systematically. At least, that's what everybody says. Coming up with new ideas and topics on a regular basis is not a simple thing. What about search engine optimisation, submitting your blog to lots of different places, backlinks, etc. There is really a lot to worry about. It's supposed to be fun, right?
If you are not careful, your blog can take over your whole life. Instead of going out to meet people, spending quality time with friends and family you might start spending all your time in front of your computer or whatever device you use for blogging. That is usually not the plan, but we all sometimes get carried away. We focus so much on what we are doing that we forget about everything else. That's not a good idea, is it? 
There are more important things in life than blogging. So put their mouse, iPad, or smartphone away. Take a break. Go out for a walk. Play with your kids. Talk to your better half. Do something different. Taking a break from that blog can make you see things from a different perspective. This will allow you to recharge your batteries, and maybe even come up with fresh ideas. Your family might even thank you for it. 
But before you take your break, here are a few tips from someone who used to do it the wrong way. I used to get carried away very often. Following these simple steps has helped me find a balance between blogging and family life.
  • Take regular breaks from blogging. Like they say, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". You need a break. I had to say that again because that is really important. Just going for a walk can help you come up with fresh ideas. You may feel like you are wasting time, but that's not true. You can thank me later, when you notice that spike in your productivity.:-)
  •  If you are a parent, make an arrangement with your kids that you will do something with them everyday. Of late, I have been jogging and doing other exercises with my kids on a regular basis. This is something I haven't done for years. It's good for the whole family. Let's all leave that comfort zone for a moment, OK?
  • If you are married to a typical women (or man for that matter), most probably you get asked to do all sorts of small jobs everyday. I am talking about things like throwing away the rubbish, fixing a leaking tap, helping your kids with their homework, making breakfast etc. These are all opportunities to keep the first lady happy and to take a break from that computer. Use them and you will be surprised how they will make you more productive while improving family life at the same time. It's only a few minutes of your time. You probably needed a break anyway. Believe me, keeping the first lady happy is good for productivity.
Any even better solution would be to turn these ideas into habits. Let's keep forming those good habits.
Now it's your turn. How do you maintain that delicate balance between blogging and family life? Leave a comment below.


Sat, 17 Nov 2012