Habits or discipline? What can help you to increase productivity?

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Habits or Discipline?If you have ever tried to lose weight by going on a diet or to the gym, then this article is for you. I am sure you have noticed that these methods never seem to work. In this article I will explain explain to you how to make them work. I will be talking from experience because I have been there, done that and failed just like most people have. This was until I found out about the fundamental requirements to achieve success that I am just about to reveal to you. Read on if you would like to change your life irreversibly.

Still with me? Good. Now how many times have you heard people talking about lack of discipline when it comes to losing weight? May be you have even said it a few times yourself. That's exactly where the problem lies. It's not about discipline. Repeat after me. It's not about discipline. The thing is, in order to be successful in everything you do, what you need is not to be more disciplined but to work on your habits. You need to change bad habits to good habits. We are all disciplined. All we need to do is to direct our discipline and habits towards achieving success in whatever field we want to.


Until I found out about this habit idea, I used to watch TV everyday. I would convince myself that I couldn't sleep without watching TV. I just couldn't help it. So every time I tried to stop watching TV I would manage to go two to four days without it and then I would go back to my habit. Then I would say that I don't have enough discipline to change my life and my wife would echo the same feeling. Lack of discipline. This went on for years. I would try to lose weight, go to bed early, stop drinking cola, play with children more often, be punctual and so on. It's a never ending list and I am sure it would still be growing if I hadn't come across some online podcasts that showed me the light.


Like I said before, the answer is creating good habits. What this means is you have to do something consistently until it becomes something that you just do subconsciously. This boils down to retraining or reprogramming our brains. New connections need to be created in our brains. I am sure if I were next to you right now you would be asking me, "How the hell do I retrain my brain". The answer is patience and consistence. Like they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day". You need to take it step by step. Let's take losing weight as an example. Most people make sudden decisions like from today I will be going to the gym everyday, stop eating too much, stop drinking beer, smoking, stop drinking tea with sugar., etc. That's a completely wrong approach.

Here is how I did it.

First of all I decided that I was going to work on my habits one at time. My first target was to stop eating into the early morning hours because I used to watch TV and eat until I fellow asleep. It's not surprising that I have gained more than 20 kilograms in less than 15 years. By the way, reprogramming your brain takes around twenty one days to a month. Don't ask me how I got those numbers, because I didn't invent this theory. Researches have been conducted and results have indicated that that's about how much the human brain needs to create new connections. So for twenty one straight days I made sure my last meal was before 21:00. As always the beginning was difficulty but as time went on it became easier and easier. Consistence is the key. In less than four weeks I managed to lose almost 8 kilograms (and still counting) without even lifting a weight or dieting. During those three weeks I decided to do something that would help me forget about food so I decided to start working on this blog.

Now I don't even feel like eating at all after 21:00. And you know what, I even stopped watching TV, drinking cola, my energy level has increased and I have even started spending more time with my children. All that without even trying. I guess this what they call the snowball effect. These were just side effects of my work on my new habit. So the trick here is to just align your habits with your targets in life. Don't make too many changes in one go. Be consistent and you will be able to change your habits and achieve all your goals. I wish you all the best in whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. If you have any comments, please leave them below. If you apply the habits principle and achieve success do keep me posted. May the power be with you.


The four simple steps that can change your life for good:
  • Choose one or two habits you would like to change, not more
  • Decide how you are going to work on changing the habit, by being consistent (Subscribe to my newsletter to get information about applications that can help you to change your habits, be more productive and reach your goals)
  • Reward yourself if you achieve success, however small it might be
  • Make a habit of making new good habits


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Sat, 08 Sep 2012