Google Drive - Google's cloud storage solution

Google Drive - The Google Cloud Storage ServiceDropbox has been my tool of choice for a very long time. But ever since Google introduced the ability to edit documents in Google Drive, my preferences are beginning to lean a little more towards Google Drive. For those not in the know, Google Drive is a cloud storage system similar to Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, CX or iCloud. The Google cloud service provides 5GB of free space which is a little smaller than the amount provided by Microsoft in Skydrive, but according to me, the possibility to edit files provided by google drive compensates for all the shortcomings that Google Drive might have had compared to Dropbox.

The other advantage of using Google Drive is the fact that it's search function is more advanced than its competitors. It's a Google product after all and Google is one of the best companies in the search department. In Google drive you can even search images by location, even though you may never have entered details about where you took the photos. You can even search for text in scanned documents. That's the amazing power of Google search at its very best if you ask me.

If you use Gmail, then Google drive might just be the best solution for you. That's because it integrates very well with your e-mail account. The Google people say you can or will soon be able to post stuff in your Google Drive to Google + or attach files in your Drive to emails in Gmail.Google seems to be integrating it's cloud storage service with all of their services just like Microsoft is building Skydrive into Windows 8 to gain an edge over their competition. If your needs go beyond the free 5GB storage, then Google Drive is still a good choice because their prices are some of the cheapest on the market. Only Microsoft's Skydrive is cheaper.

Now here is some information for all those people out there who are not well-versed with the cloud storage services. According to me one of the main advantages of using these systems is the fact that your stuff is synchronised on all your devices. Your documents are always there, waiting for you, wherever you are. You start working on one device and continue on the next device without worrying about carrying a pendrive or a floppy disk like most people of us used to do back in the days. Going from computer to computer carrying documents on some device is considered old-school style these days by those are have embraced the Internet age. Cloud storage is the way to go. Unless of course, you do not have access to the Internet. That's where the possibility of making documents available offline that is offered by Google Drive comes in handy.

Follow this link for more information about Google Drive right from the source, i.e. from Google itself.