Dropbox screenshotDropbox is an application that I use very often. It allows me to keep my files in the cloud for easy access from all devices that I use. As long as I have access to the Internet then I can just log in and download or upload files to my account. If I save a file in my Dropbox on my desktop computer, it automatically gets saved to all my other computers, phones or tablets. When I need to send a big file to someone, all I have to do is save it in Dropbox and then give the other person access to that file and then they can download it to their computer or what ever device they are using. Simple as that. No need for sending huge email attachments.

I also use Dropbox as a replacement for pendrives. The advantage being that pendrives get lost or break down. You do not have that kind of problem with Dropbox.

When installed, Dropbox works just like a local folder. There is nothing difficult about using it. You can copy and save, drag and drop your files just like you would on any disk on your computer. One thing you can do with Dropbox that you can't do with your local folders is that if you find anything interesting on the Internet, you can send it directly to your Dropbox folder by mailing it to Dropbox using a third-party application like SendToDropbox.


Here is an example of how I use Dropbox. As a teacher, I have to prepare lesson plans every work. Let's say I have a few minutes free in that busy day at school and I decide Dropbox screenshotto start working on my lesson plans. So I fireup my favourite word processor OpenOffice Writer and start working. However, before I get any reasonable amount of work done the children need my attention. So I save my work in my Dropbox. When I get home all I have to do is go to my Dropbox on my home computer open the file that I created at work and continue working from where I left off. No need to send files by email nor saving on pendrives.

If your computer breaks down or even gets stolen, you just go to the next available device, log in to your Dropbox and your files will be right there waiting for you. Never worry about losing your files again.

Dropbox gives you 5GB free storage space. In my opinion it is the best of all the cloud storage systems on the market. It's competitors are SkyDrive, Google Drive, Box, Kleii and CX. Click here to get Dropbox.