Dragon Dictation is the fastest way to write, send emails or post on Facebook and Twitter

Are you one of those people who does a lot of stuff on the go? Like sending emails, posting on Twitter or Facebook, writing blog posts or simply capturing ideas as quickly as they appear. If that's you, then let me introduce you to an amazing application that will make your life easier. With this application you can write so fast that you will have a lot of time left to spend with your kids, friends, spouse or just doing those things that you enjoy doing. Dragon Dictation will get the typing out of your way quickly and painlessly.
Dragon Dictation - Speech recognition application
Image credit: The Curious Pancake
So what exactly is Dragon Diction?
Well, Dragon Dictation is an amazing voice recognition application that allows you to speak and it quickly changes your voice message to text in seconds. And it does it amazingly correctly.
Why would you want to use Dragon Dictation?
The reason why you probably want to use this application, though you may not know it yet, is that it enables you to:
  • write lightning fast. The developers say this app enables you to write 5 times faster than typing on the keyboard
  • capture ideas very easily and you won't have to type them like you would if you used a simple dictaphone or other application that just records your voice 
  • quickly post something on Facebook or Twitter
  • write a blog post handsfree
  • quickly create a list for example, e.g. a shopping list
  • simply improve productivity by doing things in a faster and smarter way
  • you can add more to the list
Which platforms does Dragon Dictation support?
Dragon Dictation is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This will probably be a disappointment to all those Android users out there. ( If you are an Android user, don't worry. I have got you covered as well. Keep reading and you will find an app for Android towards the end of this post.) The other disadvantage is that Dragon Dictation requires network connectivity.
Examples of awesome features of Dragon Dictation:
This application can do really amazing things. It allows you to insert special characters like colon, question mark, comma, equal sign, etc. by just speaking them out. You can also tell Dragon Dictation to add a new line, turn Caps Lock on, press the space bar or to start a new paragraph. Isn't that amazing? And that's not all it can do.
How does the application work?
Dictations from your device are sent to a server that has automated speech recognition software installed and are transcribed and sent back in a matter of seconds. That's awesome technology and speed, right there. 
Privacy policy:
I know some people will be worried about the security of their data. I wouldn't feel comfortable using Dragon Dictation with sensitive data, since it's clearly stated in the product privacy police that the data is collected for usage to improve the application. 
Languages supported by Dragon Dictation:
Dragon Dictation supports a huge number of languages such as English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, German, Polish, Russian, .... The list goes on and on. 
Who should use Dragon Dictation?
This app is an excellent tools for improving productivity. It's just the right tool for anyone:Dragon Dictation - speech to text application
  • who uses a device with a small keyboard that makes it difficult to type, 
  • who prefers speaking to writing,
  • who just wants to avoid the hassle of powering up a big device to type a few sentences.
You know me. I do my best to find applications that are free and do not leave a big dent in your wallet. Dragon Dictation is a totally free application. 
Similar applications:

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That's all folks. If you know other voice recognition applications similar to Dragon Dictation or come up with other ways to use this type of application, leave a comment below. Of course you can also leave comments for other reasons than those I mentioned. Use the buttons below to share the love and relieve your friends of all that typing. Help them save time and be more productive. Enjoy the video.
Here is a video that demonstrates how Dragon Dictation works:
Dragon Dictation speech to text application video presentation