An intriguing tool for public speakers and presenters who need live feedback from their audience

A few weeks ago I came across an awesome app with a very intriguing name. It was called Intercourse. Intriguing, right? But that name is already history. The app is now called Feedback Fast. I am sure you are wondering why the developers had to change the name of their app. It's also an interesting story, but we will come back to that after I have explained what it is that Feedback Fast does so well. 
Feeback Fast app - the best app for public speakers and presenters
So what is this thing called Feedback Fast
Feedback Fast is an app that is used for giving fast and live feedback to a presenter or public speaker as it's new name suggests. So let's say you are an entrepreneur and you have a great idea that you would like to pitch to some big shot investors. You wouldn't go and stand in front of those intimidating people without first practising, would you? If you did you would be breaking one of the fundamental laws of public speaking. Forgive me for not remembering which one it is, but it says you should practise before you give a speech. That's where Feedback Fast comes in. All it takes is gathering a few family members or workmates, switching on your mobile device and starting Feedback Fast. You then go through your speech as if you were in front of the investors. As you go through your presentation, it's recorded by Feedback Fast. Your audience gets an address (URL) via which they will be able to send live feedback (feelings, comments, and other good stuff), which is recorded together with the presentation. When you are done you can then replay the recording and view the comments. You can then use the feedback to improve the poor elements of your presentation. As the developers rightfully say, Feedback Fast takes the guesswork out of pitching and makes it easier to develop that perfect pitch we all would love to give. As you can see, Feedback fast is a great tool for those who want to have stress-free presentations. 
Feedback Fast - get live feedback of your pitch
Feedback Fast Founder Murray Hurps showing what the app can do
Oh! I almost forgot about the intercourse story
Now, imagine telling your boss something like, "We had intercourse on before we started the presentation" or "Intercourse is great." Doesn't sound so great, does it? I am told the developers got some not-so-live feedback from users a few weeks after going live and they were eventually convinced that intercourse was an unfortunate choice for a name for this kind of application. As a startup founder myself (Galilea3), I appreciate this kind of feedback and I am happy we are living in times were technology enables us to run quick researches and solicit feedback from people before spending time on unnecessary work. Here is an example of how I am trying to get feedback regarding the landing page for my startup That's why I am surprised that the developers of Feedback Fast did not get warning signs about the wrong choice of name earlier. But the good thing about all this is that Intercourse cost $0.99, and Feedback Fast is totally free for early adopters. So go and grab your free copy now and start fine tuning that pitch you have been so worried about. 


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Sat, 25 Jan 2014