Air-Sketch - The presentation application for business meetings outside the office

Screenshot of paid version of Air SketchAs I was on my way to a business meeting today, it just came to my mind how things have changed these days. When I was a student there were around 5 people who had computers in our 10-storey hostel. Now, in that same hostel you find a minimum of 2 computers per room.

Wandering why I am telling you all this? Let's go back to the beginning. So as I was on my way to this business meeting, I thought to myself that most probably each and every person attending this meeting was going to have some kind of electronic device containing all the stuff they had prepared for the meeting. There was going to be a mixture of smartphones, iPads, tablets and laptops. I started thinking of how we could all share this information, right there, without having to pass our devices from person to person so each one of us could have a look. What if each person could just display their information on all the other people's mobile devices?

You have to agree me with that this sounded too good to be possible. Since I am fan of productivity applications and principles I stopped the car, parked by the roadside and pulled out my iPad and started Evernote, my tool of choice for capturing ideas. I couldn't let this idea escape. For a minute or two I even forgot that I was on my way to a meeting. Then I just remembered of this neat little application called Air Sketch Free that I use in my Maths and ICT classes. What I do is I start the program on my iPad and then tell the children to open a browser on their computers and point it to the IP of my iPad. When I write a question on my iPad it appears on all their computers instantly. You get what I am getting at?


Writing Air Skitch article in the car


So back to the business meeting in the restaurant. (I like putting away the jacket and tie and doing things the informal way from time to time. ) All we had to do is get all our devices hooked up wirelessly on the same network. Then I could explain and write stuff on my iPad and the rest of the guys and gals would just look at their devices. It's like having a multimedia projector displaying stuff to everybody at the same but without the projector. Isn't that awesome? Air Sketch is a tiny awesome application. But like R. Burroughs said, “It is tiny, but it is huge.”

Here is how to use Air Sketch:

  1. Get all devices connected to the same network
  2. The person who is presenting starts Air Sketch on the iPad and checks his IP address and gives it to the rest of the attendees
  3. All the other people direct their browsers to the same IP address and port. Air Sketch displays the necessary port number, which is usually 8080
  4. When they are all connected they should be able to see a white screen. This means they have successfully connected to the iPad.
  5. Now when the first guy writes something, the same text will appear on all the screens.

Easy right? That's the beauty of simple solutions.

By the way, I was late for the meeting. I thought I was going to get linched for being late. However, the idea to use Air Sketch got everyone so excited that they quickly forgot about my lateness. The icing on the cake is the fact that they are all now subscribers to my newsletter. Time for you to give Air Sketch a try. You can start with the free version. Though it has limited features it may be enough for your needs. 

If you know other applications that do the same job, please share them in the comments below . You can also subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to get information about other awesome applications delivered straight to your inbox.