A cool service for podcasters by a podcaster plus 5 awesome tips for podcasting beginners

You have probably noticed that life is getting faster and faster every single day. What with blogging, podcasting, following the timelines on our favourite social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. I think most of us would need to double the hours in a day in order to get everything to-do list done every day. I am not even sure if that would be enough.
Podcast microphone
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This is exactly why I am always on the lookout for apps and tools that can help us do more in less time. We do not have any other option, do we. Stretching time is impossible, at least for the moment until people who are more intelligent than us will be born. I am not a podcaster yet (still working on it though), but when I came across this service called ShowMeTheNotes, I just had to write about it. I know podcasters spend a lot of time working on perfecting the end results that they post later. They record, edit, remove some noise here and there until the product is ready to be published for the whole world to hear. And that's not all. There are show notes to be added, links to resources mentioned to be done, and so on. It's hard work, which takes time if one wants to produce a good product. We all do, right?
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If you are a podcaster who is hard pressed for time, then "Show Me The Notes" is the solution you have been waiting for. It's a service that takes care of the business of transcribing your awesome podcast to text. All you need to do is upload your audio file, wait for the "Show Me The Notes" guys to do their thing and, voila your file is transcribed and ready for download. It's not that fast, but I hope you get the idea. "Show Me The Notes" is a tool made for podcasters by a podcaster. Rick Dean Coste is an experienced podcaster and the proud owner of such podcasts as Philosophy Walk, Pursuing A Happy Life and Spider-Man Podcast. He made a service that is not a mere vitamin, but a painkiller for some of the pains that podcasters are experiencing. "Show Me The Notes" is certainly a time saver and possibly a life saver. 
Your show is transcribed
If you are one of those podcasters experiencing the pain of podcasting, give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. You can then spend the time saved with your loved ones. Remember, each minute counts. And life is too short so don't spend it sitting in front of the computer. :-) You can thank me later. 
Download your notes
Anyway, let's make use of Rick's podcasting experience before we go, shall we? Here are 5 tips from Rick, in his own words, for those thinking of getting into the business of podcasting. 
5 tips for podcasting beginners
  1. Don't feel that you need expensive equipment.  Sure, having a high-end microphone would be great but there are some wonderful options for much less than $100.  Many options are USB enabled and will plug directly into your laptop or device for instant recording.  You can always upgrade your equipment, and add to it, at a later date (mixer, portable recorder, etc.)
  2. Don't let fear stop you.  When I recorded my first podcast it was horrible.  I planned and planned and fear stopped me from doing it for quite some time until I finally hit 'record'.  Once that was out of the way it became easier, I learned more, and I'm much better for it (although I cringe when I listen to those first few).
  3. Join a community.  There's nothing better than joining a community of individuals who share the same passion.  They are there to answer questions, help you through the rough spots, and provide advice when you need it. 
  4. Listen to other podcasts.  There are some amazing podcasts out there and I am constantly running across new ones that I immediately add to my 'must listen' list.  I often find that I don't have enough time in the day to listen to them all.  You will constantly hear things that you will want to incorporate into your own show and things you will do to improve upon it.  Especially podcasts about podcasting.  These are among my favorite.  Listen to Dave jackson's 'School of Podcasting', or Daniel J. Lewis' 'The Audacity to Podcast', and Cliff Ravenscraft's 'Podcast Answerman'.  All indispensable. 
  5. Stay focused.  There are shows out there which lack focus.  Fortunately those are in the minority.  Pick a subject you are passionate about and it will help you to stay on track and energized.  If you love what you are talking about it will show.
The benefits of show notes
And for those who are wondering about the benefits of show notes, here is what Rick has to say:
Show notes do three things of benefit to both you and the listener.
  1. They provide your listener with an easy way to capture and retain some of the things they want to take away from your show.  If your listener knows that you provide show notes for their benefit they will not feel the need to grab a pen to write things down.  This is especially helpful if they listen to your show while doing other things (jogging, exercising, driving, etc).
  2. Your show notes will help to drive traffic to your site.  Think of them as you would a blog post.  There are keywords and search terms relevant to your content embedded in your show notes without you even having to think about it.  They are an organic and natural extension of your show.  
  3.  Some people simply like to read.  There are occasions when a listener may not have the time to listen to a show.  Making show notes available to them gives them an opportunity to stay connected with your show and another means for them to consume the content or message you are delivering.
Now go and check out "Show Me The Notes" and let me know what you think in the comments section below. 


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