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These applications can improve your productivity

Wunderlist 2 now features sub-tasks and recurring tasks

As I mentioned in my post about Wunderlist, I have been using this application for quite some time and it has become a must-have tool for me for creating task lists. The only two problems I had with Wunderlist was the fact that it lacked the sub-task and recurring tasks features. I used to recommend using Google Calendar to those who absolutely required these two features.

Google Alerts - Are you spending hours searching for information online? Let the information find you.

Not many Internet users have heard about Google Alerts, but I believe that this is one of the greatest tools that I have come across ever since I started blogging. As I blog about productivity applications I need to know everything about all the new shiny tools that people are using. I don't know of any service that can give this kind of information as fast as Google Alerts does.


Have you ever wandSoundGecko imageered how much time you spend reading articles online? If you are like me, most probably you have been thinking of how you could use that time more productively. SoundGecko is a perfect solution to this problem. This is a service that magically converts text to sound.


Dropbox screenshotDropbox is an application that I use very often. It allows me to keep my files in the cloud for easy access from all devices that I use. As long as I have access to the Internet then I can just log in and download or upload files to my account.